Surveillance Camera for houses, offices, public places, estates, hospitals, hotels. We install all types of surveillance cameras from IP Cameras, indoors & outdoors etc.

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Access Control Systems

A system that helps monitor and control number of persons that can have access to various areas,rooms in a building...

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Motorized Gate Machines

Have you ever thought of making your gate open and close at just the press of a button? Then here comes the solution, no matter the size...

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Defoghe Systems DSTV Project
Brief History

10 Years Of Experience

Defoghe Systems is a fast growing Automation, eSecurity, Safety Systems integrator, incorporated by the CAC with RC No. 886474 in Nigeria. Our reputation precedes us, for we offer nothing but the best!

  • for hotels, schools, residential, financial institutions and government facilities
  • Quality & Affordable Solutions
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Our Stories

Establish since April, 2011. Defoghe Systems is #1 Fastest Growing Security Technology Company in Nigeria.


Our Mission

We provide the right products and solutions to businesses and individuals who care about security by interpreting their wants and delivering to their needs, ensuring they rave about us to others and stay for life.


Our Vision

To be known as the expert and leading integrator of electronic and physical security systems in the Nigeria, combining Intruder Alarms, Door Access Control, CCTV and Fire Alarms


Service We Provide

Defoghe Systems is experienced in servicing new and existing automated security/electronic systems.
Our services include the installation, repair and maitenance of various Automated Security Systems using the best industry certified materials.


A mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through.
Protect all entrances & exits 24/7 is as important as protecting access to your organization's computers and phones.

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Fire & Burglar Alarm

Secure life and properties with state of art Fire & Intruder Alarm Systems. We install and maintain both Wired and Wireless Fire and Intruder/Burglary Alarm Systems.

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Solar Systems & Inverters

Increase productive, give no room to power outage. Our Solar Systems & Inverter solution helps you generate your own power at an affordable rate.

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Access Control Systems

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Right Security Systems and Solutions for individuals and businesses. We interprete your needs and deliver your needs 100%;

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